Maptek Online Training - Users Area

  • Maptek Users Area requires separate registration/login to Maptek Account. Both should use your corporate email address.
  • If your attempt to register or login here is unsuccessful, a Maptek team member will contact you with assistance. Repeated attempts will not escalate this process.

Please login or register below using your corporate email address. Once logged in please click the Online Training tab.

This system is available for customers with currently maintained licences who wish to access Online Training courses.  If you are unsure of your eligibility,  or require immediate assistance with your login, please contact your local Maptek office.

Educational Establishments

If you are a staff member at an educational establishment interested in offering Maptek Online Training as part of your curriculum please contact your local Maptek Office.

If you are a student, please speak to your professor/tutor to explore Maptek Online Training available at your educational institution. If you do not know which professor to contact, please contact your local Maptek Office for assistance.